Why there’s very little reason not to be mining Ethereum right now, especially if you have a current generation GPU

Update 03/16/2021

So it seems like Linus was thinking the same thing, and ended up with quite the controversial video on it. But that aside, I’ve switched over to Trexminer as it has higher hashrates and supports multi-GPU setups far better. I’ve also fixed my VRAM cooling issue completely by using much higher quality thermal pads from Fujipoly and Thermalright. The re-padding alone dropped my VRAM temperatures from almost 100C @ 100MH to 90C @ 120MH. I strongly suggest people…

from https://www.zsa.io/moonlander/


For most people working from home, their keyboard is used just as often, if not more, than their chairs (though I spent a great deal of time in front of my computer even before Covid-19). Yet, it’s quite surprising how so many people don’t include their keyboard when contemplating office ergonomics. I’ll assume that the reader already knows what a mechanical keyboard is and won’t go into a deep dive of that here, but I’ve personally been a fan of mechanical keyboards ever since the old IBM buckling spring designs. My first personal purchase of one was a Razer Blackwidow.


Due to the perpetual COVID-19 lockdown here in California, many of us have been forced (or blessed with the option, depending on your point of view) to work from home. As my personal rig is far superior to what I’m provided at work, I considered myself fortunate in the current environment. This meant a proper home office was needed to maximize productivity, and the first step towards this conversion was upgrading my chair: possibly the most important piece of furniture in any office. …


Easily bored Silicon Valley med tech consultant.

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